Hello, Sorry I havent been writing recently. We are over in England and we’ve been having a nice time. So far we have been to ( Alton Towers ) theme park).We only went to the water park but it was great. Ben went on the master blaster eighteen times and I went on it ten times.We decided to stay the night at the splash landings hotel.We had a buffet breakfast and the desert was great. I had 4 fruit kebabs, A bite donut covered in chocolate and two cups of sprite. Ben had two fruit kebabs, Three donuts three marshmallows and half a bowl of chocolate. Afterwards Ben had a big headache afterwards. In the morning we had a nice buffet breakfast until the fire alarm went off. We were rushed out and to be honest the fire exit was more dangerous than the fire was. When we went out I slipped at the bottom of the stairs. Then we were rushed up and told to go to the carpark with no further directions. In the end there was no fire and we were allowed back in again to finish our breakfast.

Cottage school camp

In one week and a few days cottage school will be going on camp at the navy base in hobart down by the river.we have been there before and I thought it was quite good. Hope we go on a ghost tour again because that was fun. The next post I will probably be doing would be after going on camp or maybe before that.

Cottage school sheep poo dig.

Today we did the cottage school sheep poo dig which was up in aspley. It was absolutly great. There were three dogs there. Two of them were kept in pens and one of them was running round on a chain. They looked quite fierce but they were actually really friendly. After helping shovelling the sheep poo for a bit we went to round up the sheep and have a sausage.

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